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Rhythm and Gospel Networks

Music Ministry

Looking for some "Yoke Breaking" music? When two or more music genres are gathered in His name it unites cultures, people, denominations and races. Not r&b.... It's R&G! Replacing the blues.... with the GOOD NEWS!


Asset Organization

Community Outreach & Services

Asset Reformation has been able to provide programs for the community because of the support that comes from those who have been victims of a broken system. Our aim is to help those who are being branded a criminal because they can not afford to pay the court fees. Going to jail hurts the entire family and damages the belief in a system that values the ability to pay over the freedom needed to pursue opportunities to pay.

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Genesis International

Food Bank & Distribution

Feeding the nation is a big challenge. However, we can feed families in a community as a simple way to deal with the conditions that affect millions. We are here to serve the community with both physical and spiritual food to nourish

the health back into those who are losing hope. 

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Food Bank & distribution


Providing families with the opportunity to gain access to food provided by our supporting partners. Every community has a hunger need in some way, so we will continue to provide ways to feed in the time of need.


Ministry,  Outreach and Public Services


Guts Life Center

Gospel United to Serve - GUTS is equipping the community with information and resources to keep hope and love in the heart os the community. Nicki V (Host and Activist) broadcast and provide outreach services to ministries who have a good mission but lack the resources to share their cause with the community. 

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Events, Outreach and Public Services

Ephraim - Go Ye Dj's

Good entertainment is always welcome when the community needs a break from the weekly routine. Godly entertainment is extremely hard to find, so our aim is to provide the entertainers, Dj's and venues for fellowships, gatherings and parties with a joyous purpose.

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