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Available Online

Support Prayer Team (Join, Pray, Fast)

Support the Prayer Team/Department by choosing a prayer support plan.

  • 5 minutes
  • Sow a Seed or Gift
  • Conference Video Call

Service Description

Uniquely, as a network, the Lord uses R&G to play a part in answering prayer requests with your products, service, in-kind donation or finacial gift. What ever you choose to give, it will be used to cover prayers and help equip the prayer department with the tools to do amzing things when a prayer request is submitted. After you have booked your appointment, a representitive will call you on the scheduled date and time to register your in-kind product or service contribution. If this is a financial contibution, press the donate button on the R&G website to sow a seed or gift in any amount and the 501c3 reciept will by emailed to you. Feel free to call 404-596-4441 for assistance.

Contact Details


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