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Press the Donate button and select the organization from the option list.

Donate using Cash App and indicate the organization in the message.


Support with a Gift Card

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We are here to assist and help our affiliates, programs, partners and community raise the needed support to fuel their mission. If you choose to donate with In-kind donations, products or services, fill out the DRF (Donation Registration Form)

Here is a list of multiple supporters who can benefit from your donations. Select the organization that your heart desires to support and include comments regarding your supporting choice.


R&G DMP (Donation Matching Program) is a special program designed to match each dollar that is donated with an announcement. Yes, we will match each dollar donated with an announcement as a way to endorse your patronage to the Rhythm and Gospel Network and our partnering organizations.


  • People Organization

  • Bridging Everyone

  • Rhythmandgospel Networks

  • Asset Organization

  • Eagles Learning Center

Donations Supports

  • Outreach Events

  • Prayer Team

  • Show Your Love Tour

  • R&G Ambulance

  • Free Give-Aways

  • Volunteers

  • All of the Above

Bridging Everyone Resource Center is our partnering provider for managing, administration, marketing, booking, sales, and Asset Organization is our partnering 501c3 for volunteers, donations, and in-kind gifts.

Press the  Donate button and select your support option

Register and we will share the GOOD NEWS about what you are doing to replace the blues in the community. Call 404-333-8423 for assistance

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