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Supportive Services

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We are seeking Counselors and Partners who specialize in individual and family therapy for adolescents and adults who are experiencing challenges or difficulties in the home, school or work setting. We are also seeking couples counseling and divorce care. Whether our listeners/subscribers are struggling with depression, anger management, impulse control, loss, or some other life change, or you just want a caring, non-judgemental, persons with whom our listener/subscribers can talk and work within therapy. Though our efforts are to share helpful resources, we are seeking partners to follow through with solutions our listens/subscribers have been searching for.

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R&G is seeking Partners and Counselors who specialized in lifestyle Management  and is centered around establishing habits that will help our listeners/subscribers adjust to a lifestyle, which in turn will promote health & wellness and prevent any potential ailments from developing or eliminate some ailments that you may currently have.

It can be hard to change eating habits. It helps to focus on small changes. Making diet changes may also be beneficial if to counter diseases that can be made worse by things a person eats or drinks. Symptoms from conditions such as kidney disease, lactose intolerance, and celiac disease can all benefit from changes in diet. We would like to share suggestions to improve our listener/subscribes health. 

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R&G is seeking Businesses Ministries, Consultants, Retailers, Vendors and Organizations to provide resources and quality services to our listeners/subscribers. These Partners create solutions while also helping other to meet their goals. When our listener/subscribers need help or perspective on their choices, we would like our partners to educate and inform with understanding with their budget in mind.

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R&G will utilize the studio services from our partnering studio to produce audio and video commercials. The studio is also used to mix and master audio to provide that Big Sound at a Great price for our Partners.

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