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Support & Partnership

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O r g a n i z a t i o n 501c3

Promoting EveryOne Practicing Love Everyday

Purpose: The purpose is to spread the good news about the positive things in the community. To inform, educate, and empower families with valuable resources that are available right around the corner.

Goal: The goal is to re-establish the sensitivity needed to bridge the various differences that separate our neighborhoods, nationalities, and cultures.

Plan: The plan is to provide community awareness with content provided by partnering organizations.  We will host and coordinate with our partners with daily activities including events, conferences, fellowships, classes, and concerts. The plan will be executed with supporting broadcast links to mobile devices, local and national radio stations with syndication, and our internet radio station.

Mission Support: Mission Support is provided by the public, business, organizations, ministries, parks, programs, and centers that may lack the funding to pay for expensive marketing needed to compete against the negativity in the marketplace.

Additional Support: Additions support will come from parents, commissioners, school principles, fire departments, elected officials, and leaders in the community(s) who have the time and resources to contribute in-kind goods, services, products, and funding when possible.

Services provided by our partners:

  • Education Opportunities

  • COVID Awareness

  • HIV / Aids Awareness

  • Tutoring

  • Blood Donations

  • Employment

  • Health and Nutrition

  • Family Events

  • YMCA / Boy’s & Girls Clubs

  • Holiday Event

  • Crime Prevention

  • Youth Events

  • Addiction

  • Police Involvement

  • Cease Fire with all Violence

  • City Code Regulations

  • Housing Opportunities

  • Transitional Housing

  • Abuse of all kinds

Support Options

Partnership Options


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