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If you are "Showing Your Love" in the Community, we want to be there to share and broadcast the GOOD NEWS!

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The best way to impact the negativity in media is to show the abundance of love that is expressed and demonstrated every day in the community. Showing love is a normal way of life for many, however, it is not recognized because true love is silent and does not seek reward.

Our aim is to highlight the silent 92.1% who are not committing crimes, not harming our neighbors, not fighting in gangs, not verbally abusing others in public, police that is not abusing their authority, people who don't litter and pollute our streets, highlight those who help and give back to the community.

This outreach will encourage everyone to embrace many of our community differences with positive communication, so we will not repeat the segregation and isolation that increases the racial tension that the majority of leading networks deem as news. We are Highlighting GOOD NEWS!



The Tour objective is to introduce the variety of hope-filled music while hosting Live Broadcast Remotes every day. We aim is to highlight multiple ways communities demonstrate love locally, nationally and internationally. Our passion is to be the voice for the hopeful and the chant for the courageous people who sacrifice daily servicing our community by broadcasting from business, organization, churches, community centers, schools, colleges, local events, and parks.

The tour will be broadcast live from remote locations on Radio and TV stations. The tour will be streamed live and re-aired on terrestrial Local Cable TV Stations, Radio Station, On-line Radio Stations and On-line Video Stations.



  • Good Citizen Report

  • New Car Report  

  • No Bullying Report

  • Salvation Report

  • Answered Prayer 

  • Report

  • No Drugs Use Report

  • New Job 

  • Report

  • No Anger Report

  • No Explicitness

  • Language Report

  • New Home Report

  • Made it Through

  • the Storm Report

  • No Over Eating Report

  • Pay It Forward Report

  •  No Abortion Report

  • No Road Rage Report

  • Forgiveness Report

  •  No Suicide Report

  • Stop Smoking Report

  • Good Grade Report

  • Graduation Report

  • Out of Jail Report

  • No Littering Report

  • Renewed My Faith Report 



  • Healthy Eating

  • Adoption

  • Littering

  • Outreach Clothes Distribution                

  • Foster Care     

  • Road Rage     

  • Outreach Food Distribution

  • School Drop Outs

  • Verbal Violence

  • G.E.D

  • Opportunities

  • Illiteracy

  • Cyber Violence

  • Racial Communication

  • Anti Bullying

  • Gun Violence