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Where is the GOOD NEWS in Entertainment?

As the internet gives the control back to the user with more options, the demand for more content that uplifts, rather than break down and inspires instead of discourage is squeezing through the negativity. The mixture is so extreme, that the subscription for good content through news and entertainment is sought after with the desire to avoid the adulterated pop up adds while watching streams on the internet through Facebook, youtube and social media streaming networks.

Spreading good news about the positive things in the community is one task, however, providing the entertainment about the good news is where the tasks have become obscure with the notion that church events and sermons are the primary source for good clean entertainment for the believer. The gathering places are sermon focused, unfortunately thats not enough to keep the attention of the entire family further than Sunday program. The void for good news in entertainment has become more apparent. Where do you go to keep the spirit of God in the mist for casual entertainment?

As the world transition everyday into the unpredictable state of conflicts about the smallest things, this prolongs this season of despair and uncertainty which is being lead by questionable leadership. We are in a war fueling a spiritual crisis that is taking a back seat to the battle of cultural identity.

Through all of these matters, hope is the desired choice when there is unrest in the heart and soul. Either it is the desire of the individual or as a family, we all need something to break the on-slough of bad news that provokes hopelessness as the means for entertainment, which becomes the conversation channeling our focus on the victims and the victimizers, rather than the high percentage of people who are not victims and victimizers..

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