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FOR RETAILERS (+PROMOTIONS) Parte' Saauze 24 Bottles 16 oz  - (3 Gallons)



1. 24 BOTTLES (3 gallons worth of PArte' SaauZe!) $3.25 EACH

2. ANOTHER BOX OF 24 BOTTLES to Retail $6.50 

3. 30 Second Video Commercial to encourage  the community to purchase Parte' Saauze at your location

4. 30 Second Audio Commercial to encourage the community to purchase PartE" Saauze' at your location.

5. Good News Call-in Once a Month




I, PURCHASER, being a duly authorized representative of the BUSINESS,

hereby inform WHOLESALER that Parte Saauze will be sold or served at our retail location. identified hereinabove. As a duly-authorized representative of the Retailer, I hereby assume full and complete responsibility for: 1. ensuring that all food and sauce sold or served at the aforementioned will be prepared and, when necessary, stored or refrigerated in accordance with all relevant municipal, provincial and federal health and safety regulations and bylaws concerning food preparation and service2 . 2. any complaint or health problem arising from the sale or service of food or sauce. I herein confirm that the Retailer shall hold the Wholesaler, without liability, in the event of any complaint or legal action undertaken against the Retailer as a result of the sale or service of food at the aforementioned Restaurant or Business. I acknowledge that I have read, understood and promise to abide by the present Sale and/or Service of Food.

FOR RETAILERS (+PROMOTIONS) Parte' Saauze 24 Bottles 16 oz - (3 Gallons)

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